Skiing in Saalbach Hinterglemm is always great fun. With the advances being made within the ski areas the winter season is changing and with it the changes in the types of skiers that come through the winter season. We have taken a closer look at these two types of skiers. So which type do you belong to?

The “winter skier”
  • They are on the skis from morning until the afternoon, but then again that is what they came for.
  • If it is cold, then there is the sauna to look forward to after a day of glorious skiing. Freezing temperatures and bad weather are only “part of the game”.
  • A hot chocolate with rum or a Jagertee belong to a perfect skiing holiday.
  • Sitting in a cosy mountain hut, is just a pit stop for fuel. His heart belongs to the sweeping turns out in the snow.
  • The word “thaw” is unsettling, and that is something they don’t want to experience.
The “spring skier”
  • They are early birds! As the slopes are best until midday and one needs to make the most of this time.
  • They are passionate about wearing layers. Skiing in March means making use of the whole range from T-shirt to softshell jacket, ski jacket, hat, goggles, sunglasses, … the whole shebang.
  • A tea or hot chocolate are drinks in-case of illness or in the evening to fall asleep. Instead it’s an Aperol or a cold beer that goes into the glass.
  • “A place in the sun” is the right phrase. They love to lounge outside, by one of the mountain huts and align their face toward the sun.
  • After 13:00 they never feel like they would be missing out on any action on the slopes. Now it is time to relax.

No matter which type you are, we look forward to welcoming you at the ADLER RESORT, from December until the snow has melted, where you can experience your very own “Adler holiday moment”.