“Are we there yet?” “How much longer?” – These are often the types of questions asked by children. Even while hiking kids can lose their motivation to continue if boredom sets in.

As there are so many beautiful walks here in Hinterglemm, here are some ideas to help encourage and maintain your kid’s enthusiasm for walking:

Select adventurous trails!

Pick varied and exciting trails or small mountain paths and not unilateral forest roads that just wined their way to the summit. Circular routes are best so that the boredom does not set in on the way back. Highlights along the way or as a set target such as the Mystical Devils water in Hinterglemm valley, an Alpen hut or lunch with a view, help prevent boredom from setting in.

Together is nicer than alone!

Take a hike with other families and children! Mutual motivation is contagious, and you’ll be amazed how enthusiastic your kids can get for walking. Why not let the young ones take the lead through looking for the right path?

Playfully reaching the goal!

When all are feeling a bit exhausted or the paths seem too monotonous, games like “I spy” or “I’m -packing my suitcase” can be a good distraction. Alternatively, how about giving the children control of the camera and asking them to take pictures of certain things along the way. Try finding or carving your very own walking stick to help ease the way up where you can collect stamps from the various Alpen peaks or huts to add into your hiking book to show where you have been. It is important to give the children the time to explore the environment, animals and plants around them. Allowing kids to observe an ant hill or pick a meadow bouquet encourages an inquisitive mind.

Take plenty small breaks!

Plan your tour with enough time so that no time pressure arises, as children – and even adults sometimes – need a break. It does not always have to be a food or drink stop, but just spending time watching the bubbling brook, balancing on a tree trunk or petting horses to help re-motivation.

A shared experience at the end!

At the end of a hike do something altogether like have an ice cream, take a funny family “we made it” photo or make a garland of flowers as a winner’s trophy. Sharing a lovely event together to round off the day helps make the hike into a beautiful memory. Perhaps they may even ask: “When are we going on our next hike?” Maybe ☺!

For information on our best family walks in Hinterglemm you may of course come ask us at reception in the ADLER RESORT!