More and more people suffer from coeliac disease or gluten sensitivity. About two years ago I also received the diagnosis coeliac disease and have to stick to a glutenfree diet since then. Because of that going on holiday or travelling is always connected with a little bit more preparation than usual.

Will I get a glutenfree breakfast at the hotel, do they cook glutenfree meals and dinners or do I have to take care for myself? Do they keep their minds on contamination? And will other various food intolerances be considered? Those questions are what all affected people and I are wondering about before every so little trip.

That’s why I sneaked into the kitchen of the Adler Resort and fired questions at Amira the chef de cuisine.

Food intolerances, vegetarian & vegan dishes in the Adler Resort

Luisa: Hello Amira. Do you offer glutenfree dishes?

Amira: We’ll fullfill every wish of our guests and cater for their needs. This means that if somebody has to go without gluten we’ll gladly cook a glutenfree meal for him/her. Our buffet rich in variety offers enough possibilities to avoid gluten at all. Many meals are glutenfree by nature. Every evening our kitchen staff shows our guests all the glutenfree dishes of the buffet. The kitchen staff knows exactly what’s in every dish because we fully refrain from using flavour enhancers, mixed spices, convenience food etc.

Luisa: Which glutenfree bread is offered? Is there glutenfree wheat starch in it?

Amira: Our trusted bakery delivers toasts and pastries without glutenfree wheat starch. This means that the breakfast is neatly cared for and everyone affected gets a breadbasket with glutenfree pastries directly on their table.

Luisa: A nd which glutenfree pasta do you use? Are they with glutenfree wheat starch?

Amira: We offer special glutenfree pasta which contain no glutenfree wheat starch according to their ingredient list. However we’re now also adding glutenfree buckwheat pasta as alternative to our menu.

Luisa: Do you have an extra toaster for glutenfree bread, toast and pastries?

Amira: The glutenfree bread is toasted in the kitchen with an extra toaster because you can’t avoid contamination at the buffet through glutenous bread. The service staff bring the glutenfree baked goods directly to the table.

Luisa: How does the kitchen staff watch out for contamination in the kitchen? Do you use extra pans, pots etc? And is there a separate workspace where no glutenous wheat is used?

Amira: Of course we use extra pans, pits, cooking spoons etc. We are very aware of our responsibility and work properly. There is no extra workspace but we’re very cautious while preparing the glutenfree dishes to avoid contamination.

Luisa: When there’s glutenous and glutenfree goods getting done in the oven do the glutenfree ones get to be above the others to avoid contamination?

Amira: We don’t bake glutenous and glutenfree goods together at any time. This would be too risky.

Luisa: How do you deep-fry schnitzel, fries etc.? For example are the fries glutenfree or do they get deep-fried in the same fryolator?

Amira: At our house schnitzel get always deep-fried in a pan and never in a fryolator. This means that fries are of course glutenfree.

Luisa: Should affected guests let us know beforehand that they are dependent on glutenfree food or are you always prepared for that?

Amira: The hotel is always stocked with something to react spontaneously. But of course we’re happy to know that in advance.

Luisa: Can you take other food intolerances like lactose or fructose intolerances into account, too?

Amira: We take any type of food intolerances into account. Alternative products like soy or almond milk, vegan spread or lactose-free butter are standards at our buffet.

Luisa: Has the service staff been trained about contamination, too?

Amira: Yes, of course. The kitchen staff takes that responsibility from your arrival on. After arrangements concerning your food preferences the service staff gets a briefing and is then well prepared.

Luisa: Thank you for your time. For us affected by coeliac disease is well cared for!

All Inclusive, breakfast or à la carte – in our restaurants and buffets all the guests’ individual wishes get answered. We’re taking food intolerances serious and offer appropriate alternatives, so that you can feel at home at the Adler Resort.