If you decide to stay in the Adler Resort you will profit from several possibilities to transform your holiday into something really special. Hiking and mountainbiking are definitely activities we like – especially here in the mountains. But sometimes you need a little variety and contrast from the usual. That’s why we’ve tried out and tested the two new attractions in Saalbach Hinterglemm!

The slackline parcour at the Zwölferkogel Bahn trains your balance

The new Slackline Parcour at the mid-station of the Zwölferkogel Bahn demands balance, coordination and concentration. While enjoying the wonderful view over the mountains and Hinterglemm you can try out, practice, and train your skills. On the meadow directly at the tail there are nine tensioned slacklines.

This is the right place for you if you’re a beginner on the slackline. There are two special areas where you can ease into this new activity. The first one is a double-slackline where two slacklines are tightened right next to each other. Each foot is placed on one slackline and you can get a feeling for walking on them. At the second station there are three slacklines with ropes which you can use to stabilize yourself. The different hardness degrees of the slacklines make sure that the parcour is also attractive for advanced learners. And if you want to take a break just go on the swings for a bit and enjoy the beautiful mountain panorama. It’s guaranteed that everyone will find something to enjoy here. Small children love the playground and bigger ones the slackline parcour. On the other hand the parents like to spend their time on the Winklern Alm where they can enjoy their coffee.   

The world’s first Jump & Slide Park is located in Saalbach

Jump, Slide and have fun – this is what you can do at the new Jump & Slide Park in Talschluss Hinterglemm. Everyone who comes here can choose between different activities. Ranging from the Jump & Slide Park, the Baumzipfelweg, a huge high ropes course, and the water playground “Teufelswasser” (= devil’s water) to hikes through the breathtaking mountain panorama.

This time we chose the Jump & Slide Park. It’s the first of its kind on the whole world and therefore unique! The “Slide Rutsche” is the perfect starting point for smaller children. You rapidly glide down this slide sitting on a carpet. The three trampoline invite you to try out and train several jump variations. Before leaving the Jump & Slide Park you definitely have to jump into the two meter high hover cushion. There is a platform where you can jump on it from 1m, 3m or 5m height. It looks like a diving platform at a swimming pool, but without the water – you’re left with only the element air. To hold one’s nose doesn’t really do the trick here – believe me, I tried instinctively on my first try.

Main attraction of the Jump & Slide Park is the Freestyle Kicker. Here you speed down the trail on a pneumatic and then you get catapulted out of the jump high up in the air. If you might get tired of jumping, sliding and falling, you can enjoy yourself and train your muscles at the boulder wall. Our conclusion: a super fun experience for the family vacation in Saalbach Hinterglemm.