We from the ADLER RESORT have tested Saalbach’s fitness trail and found it to be good. Dexterity, balance, agility – all those skills are important and very helpful for the trail in Saalbach Hinterglemm. With its 24 varied activity points the 3 km appear very divirting.

Starting from the Adler Resort we set off to Jausern

We start with the bus at the end of Hinterglemm – just 5 min to the ADLER RESORT by foot. With the Jokercard you can use the bus for free and it drives you safely to Jausern where the fitness trail begins! To every activity point there is a sign with information and notes to the task before us. It offers us variations, shows us training effects and gives us safety instructions.

The first activity point of the fitness trail demands aptitude and exertion

Already the 1st activity point is a good start: a long balancing parkour with different obstacles, swinging planks, straps and slalom poles. The most difficult things are the wooden rockers with springs – the balancing from left and right calls for exertion and full body tension.

For the 2nd activity point you need a little bit of strength in your arms to swing through the climbing course. Those swinging elements are made out of different materials like rubber hoses, chains, metal pipes and ropes.

To the left, to the right and again to the left – the parallel slalom at the 3rd activity point trains your running stamina and agility. Additional to that, the competition against one another brings three times more fun!

The 4th activity point shows you how to kitesurf without water. With a little bit of momentum on the kitesurfing simulator you’ll start flying through the air and are able to try out different gyration figures.

You can walk, run, jump or hop through the spider’s web at the 5th activity point. With different walking rhythms it is especially difficult to avoid the tightened ropes!

Activity point 6 reminds us of a weight room and is therefore more appropriate for experienced sportsmen. Here you can train your muscles in a creative way – your leg muscles on the knee bend ladder or your arm, shoulder or back musculature with the battle ropes.

For stretching you can use the stretching oasis at the 7th activity point. With the help of ropes hanging from different heights you can lengthen your legs at one point and your arms and shoulders at the other. Also you can stretch your whole body on a pyramid made out of wooden steps.

At the 8th activity point you have to lead a red ball through a labyrinth. This labyrinth is seated on an unstable board which you can control by shifting your bodyweight or changing your stand on it. Not that easy if you decide to solve the maze together.

You can already spot the 9th activity point from far away – colourful amusing figures which you have to pass through. But be careful, you have to avoid touching them. Precise control of your body and bending yourself into unusual positions demand a lot of one’s physical coordination.

Crossing the segmental bridge at the 10th activity point you will pass wooden floorboards with varying vibration characteristics. One’s impressions are especially intense if you try it barefoot and led by a partner while being blindfolded.

Saalbach’s fitness trail offers variety for everyone

Winding oneself through bars and wooden sticks, sometimes through a tighter gap other times through a wider gap – this is the task at activity point 11. If you measure the time it becomes a nice competition and if you are there with a group try it out with a queue of people holding hands.

The horizontal eight combines both of your cerebral hemispheres. You can train this on the balancing course using this figure at the 12th activity point. Who can move both balls through the horizontal eight solely by shifting one’s weight?

On the golf course at the 13th activity point noone plays golf. In fact one or two people stand on an unstable round wooden panel. Our tip: Try to unbalance your partner by only using your equilibrium and without touching him or her!

At the 14th activity point you can swing together or alone on a thick rope that can carry many persons. Try to swing back and forth as high as possible!

A 5kg heavy ball of stone is important at the 15th activity point. You can test your explosion force and elasticity in the shot put area where you throw the ball of stone. Just be careful that you don’t hit your own feet with the heavy ball!

The spring octagon at the 16th activity point comes with several shaky planks and demands complete depth perception of the whole body. On the way to the next activity point you can already practice repeating the tongue-twister “proprioception paradise” as fast as possible ☺.

At the 17th activity point you can practice the perfect position for your next adventure on the alpine water ski wall. With your hands holding tight on the handle and your body being tense vertically to the wall you can move along three different tracks.

It’s not winter yet but the ski simulator at the 18th activity point makes us want to go skiing again. Here you tuck on wooden skis which are attached to a rocking plank and try to balance it. Not as easy as it looks like and a good training for your thighs.

The hula-cube at the 19th activity point is a special game. Set-up like a swing the big potter’s wheel hangs loose in the air. The instructions say that you shall stand on the cube with both legs, then with one, and then you shall even try to balance it with closed eyes. Also, who can balance it together with a partner?

“Even if the fish is so small, it has to be caught first!” – this is what you are confronted with at the 20th activity point. With a big rod made out of a whole trunk it isn’t so easy to navigate the fishing-hook into the hollow bodies intended for it. You don’t only need your hand-eye coordination to do so, but also you have to stabilize your whole body to move the rod.

The team of the Adler Resort takes on the last activity points

You can’t become disoriented at the 21st activity point because all of the 30 trunks of the orientation forest are numbered consecutively. The aim is to walk, run or hop along those numbers in a certain order. Alone, together with a partner or in a whole group – you will surely have fun conquering this task.

A lot of different substrates and materials can be walked on at the 22nd activity point. The path is called “Different Walking” and describes really well what’s to be expected. It’s most impressive to walk this path barefoot, blindfolded, and led by a friend. Doing that you can really feel the different materials like big and small pebble stones, rocks, trunks, scales of wood and smooth unsteady planks.

The stone-path at the 23rd activity point is a wonderful path made out of big rocks which wind like an eight around the trees. Barefooted you can really feel the coolness and the roughness of the rocks.

The last one is activity point 24 – a 3D coordination steep track where you encounter slacklines and wooden planks in different sizes. You can also try this together with a partner, with closed eyes, or on all “fours”.

So if you want to spend your summer holidays in Saalbach Hinterglemm being active you can spend 4-5 hours of fun for the whole family on this fitness trail. In our You are ADLER Blog you’ll find even more exciting activities for your vacation. Just take a look!