It´s Spring at last! The sun shines longer, it´s getting warmer, the birds are beginning to sing, and everything is starting to go green and blossom. Soon it will be time again for hiking and Hinterglemm invites you back to enjoy many hiking tours in the mountains. Hiking can be strenuous and demanding for the whole body, but with sufficient endurance, strength, coordination and flexibility it becomes much easier. Specific preparation training however is often not necessary. Even small changes in your everyday life can make you become fitter for your first hike.

A little something for the endurance

How long you can walk without becoming fatigued and the speed of your recovery, is related to your stamina. To improve your stamina, ride your bike to work instead of taking the car. If you are traveling by bus, you could get out one or two stops earlier and walk home in the fresh air. The staircase is a great training device, instead of the elevator or lift. Why not go out on a shopping tour by foot with your friends and have fun instead of doing the shopping online.

A little something for the strength

You don’t only need some strength to carry your backpack, but it is also important for your legs and buttocks. The following two small exercises can always be built into your daily routine:

  • Calf muscles: If you are waiting in line at the supermarket checkout, you can use this time to train your lower legs. Try placing your feet parallel and hip width apart. Lift up your heels and slowly roll onto the balls of your feet, then lower again. Repeat 15 times then have a short break before continuing again two times more.
  • Bum training: Whether you are in the bus or sitting at work, try tightening your glutes with maximum effort for 10 seconds. Repeat this three times with short breaks inbetween and then you have already done something to train your butt.

A little something for the coordination

Some coordination skill is required to find the right flow of movement while hiking, so as not to stumble as often and get hurt. Especially important therefore is a sense of balance. This can be easily trained while brushing your teeth: Try standing on one leg, if this is easy enough then do it with your eyes closed.

A little something for the agility

When a bit of climbing or large strides are required, then your agility comes into play. Taking some time while watching television to do some simple stretching exercises can be of great help. A good stretch for the calves, is to put the first half of both feet on a step. Then lower the heel of one foot towards the ground. Hold the stretch for a short time then change sides.

Every movement and every exercise you incorporate into your daily life, will make you fitter for the next hike in Saalbach Hinterglemm.